Help! Chicks with blood around tail feathers

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    Apr 18, 2011
    We have never had chickens before. We have 20 babies together. They are 4 or 5 weeks old. We purchased them form our local TSC. Several of them have blood around their tail feathers and are peeking around on the bloody areas. What's going on? Do we have to many together? Is this just normal as they start getting their feathers? Should we seperate out the ones with blood? Don't know what to do.......[​IMG]
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    From the FAQ page:

    They need 1 to 2 sq ft per chick minimum at this age. They also need a well ventilated space. If you don't separate a bloody chicken, the others are likely to peck it to death. If you have any heat on them and they are indoors, or they have a light at night, turn them off.
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    I also got a mix of 20 from tsc and am having the same problem. I've lost 2 and have 3 seperated. The seperate ones are doing better and I let the other ones go on and start foraging. It is also helping. I was told to go to tractor supply and get corid. It is sold as calf medicine so that is where you have to look for it. Give em 1/4 teaspoon for each quart of water for 5 days. Also, I was feeding just scratch, which doesn't have all the protein and nutrients they need wich worsened the pecking I think.
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    Are you treating for coccidiosis?
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    I am Seminole. It sounds to me like they should also.

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