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    Apr 3, 2015
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    Hi, my mom and I have decided to start hatching eggs (both from our own groups and from others) and we are in completely new territory in choosing the appropriate incubator and so have decided to ask the many wonderful people here :) we are thinking we would probably do 35-40 eggs at a time maximum(ish ;) we all know how THAT goes lol I only started with a couple RIR hens 3 years ago and here we are lol). We have Silkies, English Orpingtons, and are planning for Cochins (standard and bantam) for sure. We also have (just for eggs and/or cause they be so cute but they could end up having some in there too lol) silver laced wyandottes, Rhode Island reds, buff Orpingtons, black stars (black sex links?), light Brahmas, 2 frizzles (roo and pullet) of unknown heritage (possibly cochin mixed??) and Easter Eggers (I'm assuming lol as they were sold as americanas and araucanas from farm and garden stores....soooo yeah lol). Any and all advise and pointers are welcome. Thank you!!
    Oh and we live in Georgia if that makes any difference.
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    We're wrapping up our first hatch, and we used this incubator off eBay.

    We researched and didn't want to spend too much this time, though there are lots of more professional, farm quality incubators out there. We took a bit of a risk, I think, but ultimately my husband made the choice and ordered this one without telling me. [​IMG]

    We took ANOTHER risk and did two batches of shipped eggs. First we started 16 lavender orpingtons off eBay. Then three days later a barnyard mix came (husband ordered those via auction here!) and added them to the incubator. We know this is ill advised, but they were shipped eggs and we didn't want to let them get too old.

    The incubator has worked, but we added another digital humidity gauge to be sure--and the incubator's built in one has been WAY off, telling us 50% of the actual humidity. So, if the added one said 55% humidity, the built in would say 22%. I wouldn't trust the incubators readings alone. We also added TWO more thermometers. It stayed at 99.5 - 100.0 pretty well.

    When the first batch was ready for lock down on day 18, we took out the automatic turners and laid them on the provided grate. The second batch then had to be turned by hand a couple times a day for the next couple days.

    All in all, the incubator isn't perfect, but it's worked. Both batches had successfully hatched chicks! We got about 6 total so far, with another 8 eggs possible (we're on day 23 for first batch, 21 for second batch). The chicks are great.

    What I like about this incubator:

    - holds up to 56 eggs
    - turner worked well
    - held good temp and humidity for 3 weeks straight
    - has a hole to add water, and comes with bottle, so you don't need to open the lid and risk losing heat
    - attractive and full view of eggs
    - set up nicely on a cart in our dining room
    - Screen shows # of days, humidity (was off), temp, if fan us running
    - has alarm if temp drops

    What I didn't like:

    - humidity never read right on screen
    - candler isn't too handy, unless all 56 spots are covered, I think. But the lights were BRIGHT. We still had to remove eggs to candle.
    - not great info on manufacturer or reviews out there

    Good luck!
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    Hovabators. I have the 1583 which is the non digital version of the 1588. Holds steady temps and humidity.
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  4. Alex7174

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Manchester Georgia
    Thank you much!! Mom and I will be saving every penny when we get back from our FL trip next week lol! Sorry I didn't respond back sooner, cause I'll be gone for a week my work has me for every spare second they can grab -_- I barely have time to breathe...

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