HELP: Cold/Respiratory Infection Advice needed--- VetRx formula?


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Sep 6, 2009
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Hello Everyone,

I'm new to the board and poultry. 2 weeks ago I picked up two serama pullets (both 4+ months old). After letting the settle in I noticed one wasn't as active as the other. They are in with 4 other seramas (2 roos & 2 pullets)...the one lethargic bird is still eating- has clear eyes- no nasal discharge- and isn't breathing with her beak open... BUT she does stay "puffed up"/ruffled up (not sure of the appropiate chicken vocabulary here) and will try to move under/cuddle with the other birds...sometimes she'll sit by herself- all puffed up- with eyes closed (ie lethargic) while the rest of the flock is running around being chickens. I hear what I think is a sneeze from here every now and then.

None of the other bords are showing ANY unusual behavior or symptoms.

2 days ago I started adding unfilter Apple Cider Vinegar to their water (just as a general health thing).

Today I purchased a small bottle of VetRx after reading about it.

Chicken fanciers/experts: Does this sound like cold symptoms? I figure it won't hurt her to treat with VetRx. Obviously something isn't right with her and I'm worried.

Any tips for VetRx? I added a few drops to the water dish already. I figure tonight I'll warm the bottle as suggested and apply a few drops under her wings and rub on her head. Using the solution (1/2 cup warm water & 1 teaspoon VetRx) I'll drip a few drops into the nostrils as suggested in teh instructions.

Any other ideas??? suggestions????

I REALLY Appreciate everyone's help and advice. Thanks in advance

I would get some antibiotics and seperate them--or give it to all--I used sulment for 2 days and it helped--mine had mycroplasma---sneazing- coughing, sitting with eyes shut----I also mixed up antibiotics and gave with a needle syringe to sickest chickens--cant eat eggs while medicating and then theres a waiting period after that, good luck--Teresa in WV
THANK YOU Teresa...that sounds just like my chicken...sneezing and sitting with eyes shut. I'll go to the feed store tomorrow and look for sulment or another antibiotic.

What antibiotic did you inject? Over the counter at a feedstore? Where do you inject?

I've kept and bred reptiles most my life- sometimes you give them antibiotic shots when they are sick (or you rescue a sick animal)...I can't imagine it's any harder to give a chicken a shot that an angry 14ft burmese python-lol

I appreciate the help.
After reading through this forum for the past hour I realized how basic my original post was. It has been raining almost everyday here for the past few week- my flock is new (from 3 different local breeders)- etc.

I'm going to the feedstore tomorrow and purchase some Sulmet, Probios & PolyViSol. I'll keep a good eye on the flock and treat everyone with the Sulmet in their water. I'll make sure to keep everything super clean. etc.

This is a great forum with tons of info. Thanks everyone.

Well, first of all, you should know that chickens do not just get colds; they get diseases that can make them carriers for life. Did you quarantine them from the other birds? I didnt see if you had other birds or not.
Quarantine is a time for observation (not treatment!) and to see if any symptoms come forward so you can cull the bird and not add it to your flock. VetRx is not a medicine. It's like Vicks VapoRub for chickens, but has other uses. It will not cure anything.

There has been such a rash of this lately, buying started birds who turn out to be ill, it's depressing. You can lose an entire flock by adding one of these to your coop without quarantine...and even then, it's not foolproof, which is why many people do not ever buy started birds. I'm sorry for your situation and don't mean to always be the bearer of bad tidings.

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