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Feb 1, 2010
I have got several eggs in my homemade incubator that are day 18 about four days ago my heater went bad and the temp got to 112 F I am not sure for how long it was that when I went to bed at 10pm they were fine but when I check them the next morning about 8am that is when I noticed the temp of 112F I got it adjusted and I candled them today the 18th day and there is a mass in the center of the egg but on both ends it is clear and what make it really hard is they are Rhode island red eggs and Buff orphinton so they are brown I have not had this happen before and so not sure whether to toss them or let them go to see if they hatch. any answers also I want t put them in the hatcher but not sure. and if I do how long should I wait to see if they hatch before giving up if I do put them in the hatcher?
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Might as well give it a try if they are on day 18.
Just put them in the hatcher & give them a few days. I usually wait until day 25 if I'm unsure of the hatch.
ok thank you I did put them in incubator so lets see what happens I still got about 100 more eggs in the main incubator
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That's a LOT of eggs!

I hope you get a lot of chicks!

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