help, dead chicks :(

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    May 20, 2011
    I got 6 one day old chicks a week ago and 3 have died. The first one was a special order Cochin that came in with a crooked neck. We knew she may not last long, but decided to take her home to see if we could save her. She died the next morning. The other chicks seemed fine and healthy until yesterday morning when I found one dead in the brooder and another on the edge of death. I was able to keep the sick one alive through the day yesterday, but she died last night. The last three seem healthy, but I'm scared to lose them too. What would you do? I have some Sulmet, should I give it to them now or wait to see if they seem sick? The ones that died were a little pasty but I didn't see any bloody poop. I have been giving medicated feed and sav-a-chick. I'm quite certain they are not too hot or cold.
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    Sorry for your losses. I had some losses as well this year, all from a certain batch. Perhaps give the remaining some hard boiled egg yolk. Hopefully someone else will have some more advice.

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