Help, dirty abandoned fertile egg!


10 Years
Jan 15, 2010
Southern Minnesota
My hen went MIA last night. She's been sitting on eggs about 2 weeks. I took them inside to candle and 6 were infertile, 1 developed into a stink bomb which I removed safely, and the last one we believe is still growing.

The egg is pretty dirty and I was wondering if I should wash it? Or leave the dirt and the bloom the way they are.

She showed up on our front porch this morning too. So should the egg be put in the nest with her or just keep it in the incubator? I'm guessing she gave up on them. This was her first time going broody and she's 4!

She is our favorite chicken, so I'd really like this little guy to live!
I would try to give it back to her. One chick by itself is not good, they cry. Unless you have a hatchery near you as I do. I had one single chick hatch from the mothers day hatch and had to run up to Meyer hatchery to grab a couple extra chicks to keep her company. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice! I might try calling some people to see what I can get. Either some chicks or a broody silky or something. I think Henrietta's done with this hatching business. She's a pretty old bird to go broody for the first time.

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