HElp!! Disaster!! Babies dying averyday


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Apr 23, 2010
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I have lost 6 chicks in the last 3 days!! they have plenty of fresh water and feed, I can only imagine they are either cold or they don't have good enough ventilation I put a heat lite in with them. gave them save a chick additive, and the door to their coop is open but I am still finding them dead!!!??? any ideas
Make sure they are drinking and eating. Dip their beaks in the water and make sure they are in a draft free area that is kept at 90 degrees. If they are day old chicks. Drafts will kill them.
I think they may be too young to be outside without a mother yet....You might need to move them back indoors if you can.....If they still have baby fuzz, I'm betting they are getting too cold at night. That'll kill 'em quickly.

Don't beat yourself up about's a learning experience for sure.....I'd just get them inside. Soo sorry this happened!
I have brought them in the house, with their heat lite and am praying that I won't loose anymore, My bantum cochin went missing and showed up on my door soaked
Thought she was a meal for a varmit! into the brooder with the babies!!
I quoted from the duplicate thread to keep it all in one place.

At 1 week old the babies should be in a brooder with a constant temp of about 90 degrees with no drafts. The brooder can be inside the coop. I use a plastic tote bin with a piece of hardware cloth for the cover. I rest the heat lamp directly on the hardware cloth so the bulb is about 18" from the chicks. It sounds like your babies are dying from getting too cold.
Well, good luck with them......With your heat lamp, just put a thermometer on the brooder floor, and shine the light on it, lifting it up or down until you get a temp of around 85. Make sure they can run in and out of the heat as they wish....

Things should go OK for you now!

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