Help!!!!! Do I Do Anything??????


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Apr 17, 2011
My beautiful, buff who is usually very friendly,s weet and gentle and doesnt mind being held. is not herself today. she let me hold her but not for long, had to go find her infact, she was to herself, sitting, gave everyone a watermelon and some scratch she didnt want anything to do with either. she is just laying around in under a bush. I have checked her over and cant see anything wrong. she quickly went back to her quiet spot. I have noticed however, she is sitting and panting hard, noone else is panting, She does seem to be making some pushing kind of motions from the back end but ......

I have also notice that several, 3-4, of the other hens will not leave her side and our Rooster is also very close.

So, if she is trying to lay her first lay, when do I get concerned? should I move her to the nesting box? or leave her alone? What makes them get "bound"? can that happen with the first lay egg? it is getting close to dark....... aaaahhhhh!!!!!

I feel like an expectant mother................
Good gravy! Leave her alone.

No one wants an audience when they are pushing something out of their butt.

Except my sister, but she's crazy.

Bwahahahahah! I literally choked reading this!
well since I am a labor and delivery coach. I am kind of used to watching and making sure everything is ok. But there is a little bit better communication going on and I went to school for that........

So I guess I just leave her alone. will she find the nesting box the next time if I dont put her there this time?
WANTING and NEEDING an audience are two different things.

She'll figure it out. If she is regularly misses the box, put a golf ball in there.
well, she finally got up, walk around a bit, went back to the coop, ate a little and got on the roost, she has now been joined by the rest of the flock, dusk has fallen, maybe an egg will come tomorrow.

The labor coach in me would say...... this would be called early labor and it will happen when it happens, and hopefully she will find her way to the 'hospital' or the box, when its time.
I sure hope she lays that thing while I am at work, I dont think I can handle this again tomorrow.

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