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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 2Myanimals, Mar 6, 2014.

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I have a new duck that has decided to be a mommy. I am all for it and there are 6 different places for my ducks and chickens to lay their eggs but it seems that now that my girl is sitting on her 3 eggs, every day I find more eggs under her. Yesterday she had 4 and today there are 6 that she is sitting on. I am positive that my other duck(s)? and chicken lays their eggs while mommy is out on a break. There are plenty of places for the other ones to lay their eggs but they go to the same box as my momma duck. Dont know what to do because now we will have different hatching days and not sure if the momma duck will accommodate that and also my duck is going to have baby chicks? Any suggestions? I keep thinking that nature should take over but in nature the duck would have probably made her nest somewhere discreet and not have shared it with egg laying chickens, no?
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    Jun 10, 2013
    I am not sure how closely you have watched or the temperature where you live, but when our duck went broody she did sit a tiny bit on the eggs prior to the official sit. Maybe this is what your duck is doing? If she is basically never coming off the nest then this is not the case.
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    Well you can remove the chickens eggs from the nest, I have to do that here. As for the duck eggs best thing to do when you have a duck or chicken go broody is when she is out for R&R go in and mark the eggs with washable marker you can put the date like 3/6 or just Number them that way you can keep up with what one are just laid and remove them if you don't want her to sit on but the original ones that she started on. she will leave any eggs left in the nest after duckling have hatched and will need to bring them out after day 2 of hatch. and you really don't want a duck hatching chicks because they will follow mama anywhere which includes water and they will drown. alot of folks use chickens to hatch ducklings though so maybe you'll have another broody to finish the eggs that haven't hatched when she is ready to leave the nest. I would remove all chicken eggs and mark all duck eggs in the nest and remove any not marked eggs after tomorrow. How long has she been brooding?
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