help! duck attacked by fox


12 Years
Jun 12, 2007
Tasmania, Australia
Hello. My White Mallard has been attacked by a fox..we assume. He has lots of feathers missing, puncture wound in each wing at the start of it, and one at the top of his leg. He also has white froth coming out of both eyes....he has drunk water...but isnt at moment and is pooping a little still. I have him in a warmish bath. Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
Firstly, Keep the bird in a pet carrier with plenty of clean sheets or towels to limit motion and help keep them calm. A deep cardboard box or plastic bin appropriate for the bird's size will do. If he's not drinking on her own, offer some water via an eye dropper, a couple drops at a time into the front/ side of their beak and let it fall under the tongue rather than try to shoot it to the back of the throat.

Make sure you clean the wounds with warm water. Some people recommend ½ hydrogen peroxide and ½ water, but depending on the bird this could just irritate the injury more.

After you clean the wound wrap it up so no bugs can get to it.

Also, if the wings are injured you need to make sure they are not broken.

One of our roosters was attacked by a fox while protecting the hens, when we saw the fox we ran out and chased it away. But one of his wings was dangling and he could not keep it up and he would loose his balance. We warped his wing and it healed up perfectly over time.

So make sure your ducks wings are not dangling. If they are place them in the normal position and wrap the wing/wings.

Good Luck! I hope he gets better.

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