Help, Duck eggs got wet! UPDATE! First swim Pictures!!!!!


11 Years
Sep 4, 2008
Rio Maria,Para',Brazil
I need some opinions, Last night we had a terrible thunder storm here in Brazil,dumped many inches in a short time here and coop got some water in it (First Time, very windy). My Muscovy is nested on the floor in the corner, and last night the nest got wet. She stayed right with the eggs covering them, early this morning, she was off the nest, we changed the wet straw, eggs were warm to cool, dryed them off, moved nest to better ground and she went right back on them and fixed the new nest. Hope they will be ok, she has been sitting for 16 days. I know in the wild they have to get wet in a storm.
Did we do everything OK?

POSTED on 9/25/ 2008

Update: 10/11/2008
7 out of 8 of the eggs Hatched yesterday (at 30days!!!!)
Here they are:

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