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    alright, so i have decided to buy 2 call ducks, a black & white female and a pastel male. I plan on showing the male (in 4-H) and just keeping the female as a pet. and I also plan on breeding them (yes, i know, the chicks wont be "purebred" but i am only keeping some as pets and the others are going to close friends to keep as pets, no showing) but i have some questions I haven't been able to find answers to yet.

    1) will a 4x8 pen be big enough for 2 ducks? here are some pictures
    (the top 2 pictures is the one we are building)

    if they are 5 months now, will they be fertil in the spring?

    3) when she lays the eggs, what do i do? i have an incubator, and I know what to do when the eggs are in it, but do i take the eggs right away after she lays them and put them in the incubator, or wait a few days? how do i know if their is a chick inside or not?

    4) will she only have one bunch of chicks in a year? i dont want a duckie overload!

    5) how to i train them to stay at my house? i want to be able to let them out in my yard for a few hours everyday in the summer (while i'm out there) but i dont want them going into the road or running/flying away!

    6) any cute name suggestions?

    7) any random tips/facts or helpful things for a first time duck owner?
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    1) That looks good to me going off other breeding pens I've seen on here.

    2)If the drake is doing his stuff the eggs should be fertile.

    3)If I'm using my own eggs I usually take them out till I have enough but don't leave them longer then a week, keep them at a good temp, and turn them twice a day. If you are letting her hatch them herself then just leave her to it she's the expert. Search candling and this will show you how to check for signs of life. [​IMG]

    4)You will only have what you hatch yourself or let her hatch. If you don't want more babies take the eggs and eat them.

    5)They can't be trained. You will need to clip wings and keep them in an enclosed area.

    6)Not too good with names I usually leave that up to my kids, my call ducks are called Jack and Judy [​IMG]

    7)Enjoy your duckies [​IMG]

    If you have time read the stickies at the top of the duck and incubating forum, these will help you lots.
    And don't forget to post lots of pictures.
    Hope that helps [​IMG]
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