Help! Duckling help needed ASAP.

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Nov 15, 2013
I just got home with a runner duckling, and put it in the brooder with my two Japanese Bantam chicks. Then when I went to feed them, I found bugs in the chick starter (ewww). Can I feed them adult chicken food for a day? I can get more chick starter tomorrow.
No big deal they will be a larvae to some sort of a moth or beetle. I have had many sacks of feed with those in it. Just think of it as a protein bonus. They won't harm the chick or duckling. But yes if it freaks you out it is safe to feed them adult food for a day as long as it's fine. The bugs get in at the mill though so you will need to buy a different brand. Odds are other stores in the area will have the same lot from that brand as well.
I don't know that chicken feed is okay for ducks. I -think- it's just lacking some of the nutrients they need, and if that's the case, it should be alright for just a day.

Alternatively, you can give them plain corn meal. A feed store advised this when I ended up with an unexpected pet duckling and I wasn't able to get to a store the same night. The duckling absolutely loved it, and while it's not great for them, it's fine occasionally as a treat, and will work for a day's worth of food. At least, I did this, and my duckling is perfectly happy and healthy.
Cornmeal, plain oatmeal quick oats,rolled oats because they are bantam throw it in a blender.. provide grit..a little dirt from yard will do but not from flower pots etc usually has other things in it ..just sprinkle a little on a lid or paper towel so they can see it. Problem #2 how hold are the bantam? Ducklings grow very fast you really need 2 it will get big fast if your bantam are only a week or two old it could hurt them just trying to snuggle.and ducks require water deep enough for their bill real drowning hazard for bantams ,yes they require extra vitamins..
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Thanks for all the advice! Helped a lot. I can get more food today.

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