HELP ~ Duckling VERY weak

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    Hi everyone. So yesterday morning my Silver Appleyard duckling hatched out. Well assisted, it had pipped in the small end and it was getting shrink wrapped. Silly me forgot to raise the humidity. So it pushed out half on it's own and laid there with some unabsorbed yolk sac. Named it hope because it had made it through a night. Thankful the resperitory clicking sounds went away but Hope has some really bad defects. She has a splayed leg with one crooked toe. She is EXTREMELY weak and just sits there on her hocks. It slept on my hand today and when I put it back, she/he started peeping crazy and looking for me with her one good eye. Oh and she scratched her eye and can't open one of them. Anyway once she saw me, she would try to lift her head up and keeps falling over. Sometimes she would jump towards me and end up hitting the sides with her head.

    1. How do I wrap the duckling's feet to help the splayed leg and the crooked toe?
    2. How do I make it drink water and eat food if it barely can lift it's head. (It refused water but I'm planning to give it food on the third day.)
    3. Has anyone had this situation and did it survive?
    4. Will water therapy help or drown him or her?
    5. How can I get the swollen eye to open?
    6. Can I cuddle with it like I did today or should I wait until it gets stronger?
    7. I heard niacin helps but I can only find the flush free one. Can that work or no?

    You can answer all or as many as you can. I don't want to loose this duckling since It was the only one that developed and hatched. Thank you in advance for all your answers.


    Sleeping in my hand

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    I answered on the Duck Forum. Prayers for you both.

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