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Ok first off I'm sorry this is gonna be long. I just became a ducky mom about a week ago. I admit I was irresponsible and did no research. I have 6 2 week old kahki's. They hate me. I they cower from me for treats, food, water, and when its swimming time. I ended up now with 2 couple day olds ducklings. they may or may not be runners. First off, is there any hope for my kakhi's to not hate my guts? and secondly will my youngest ducklings ever be able to be in with them? I tried placing them together in a play pin I made in the grass for when we have nice days and immediately the youngsters went running to the older ones. The older ducklings started pecking at them and trampling on them. While i'm asking questions also is it normal for the ducklings stool to keep changing from runny to more like the goose poo you see on side walks? help! I wantta be a good ducky mom and give them all the best life possible. they may not care for me but I adore these little guys.
I have no advice but at least your daughter didnt squeeze two of them to death within 24hours of their arrival and now the rest of ours are terrified of us....I think they will come around with time....

Don't keep the younger ones with the bigger ones just yet. They need their own space - you may be able to subdivide the brooder.

Many ducklings go through a stage of being scared to death of anything larger than they are. It is heartbreaking and it is not forever.

First, make sure they have all their basic needs met - safety, relatively clean dry brooder, plenty of fresh water and food, both 24/7 till at least 8 weeks of age. The temperature needs to be correct - at 2 weeks, it should be about 80˚F in the brooder, with cooler places available.

They need good starter crumbles.


Be patient. I used to enter the room on my hands and knees so I would not loom over them. I have no pride when it comes to ducks.
I would sing before entering the room so they would not be surprised. I would avoid cornering them. I let them run around the hallway while I cleaned the brooder after they became frightened of me. After making sure they had a little grit in their bellies, I would throw a pea party after brooder cleanup. Just a few peas each, please, we don't want duckies popping.

There is a sticky on raising ducklings. Follow the link in blue letters at the top of the Duck Forum.

I gotta dash to take care of my own. Please stay in touch.
Mine hated me too the entire time they were in the brooder. They are now 6 weeks old and still run from me in the pen, but not near as much as they did in the brooder (even though it was raised.) They would squawk and bolt in the brooder. Now they just mosey out of the way. I figure it will get better with time.

Aside from that, you should be fine. ;) Feed, clean water (will have to change it OFTEN) and a safe warm spot. Mine have all thrived, and I"m new to ducks too. :)
Thanks guys! the youngest ones seem to love being held and having me to talk and sing to them. My older fellers woke me this morning raising a fit cause I was a half hour late in getting up to change their water. I suppose this means they realize I'm the one who supplys them with the means to live. I really appreciate the advice and will continue to work with them all.

I didn't have peas so I used a 1 cup of corn. I laid some out next to me then put it in in my hand. now they wont stop biting my feet and ankles to feed them more @.@ I was afraid to give them anything besides their starter grow but I'm glade I did. hopefully I can start standing up and they wont run so bad! btw is it normal for 2 of my khaki's to have small white bands under their necks? they where the only two with it and they are a lot bigger than the others @.@ I'm hoping they aren't geese.
Have they had some chick grit or clean sand? They don't need much, but they need some or there can be very risky digestion problems. And do keep limiting the corn. It's loads of calories with little nutrition.
You let them walk on your carpet? I wanna do that. Do they poop on it?

Mine are about the same size right now.

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