Help! Easter egg fiasco!

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  1. Xtina

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Today I made Easter eggs with the neighbors, in preparation for a major neighborhood hunt for the kids. I called my cousin's mom for advice on boiling the eggs without cracking the shells, and she gave me a foolproof recipe that has revolutionized her egg-boiling life, so I gave it a try. Right when I was at the finishing point, the first neighbor came over and the fact that I have to check the eggs for done-ness completely slipped my mind. I swear, this is the first time I've ever done this! We dyed the eggs and she left with a few of my eggs mixed in with hers. Later in the evening, I got out an egg to go with my dinner and realized it's mostly not done inside! I could kick myself for being so stupid and forgetting to check. But I'm not concerned about food poisoning. Not enough time has passed and I hope this can be fixed.

    My question is, can we bake the eggs at a low temp to get them done on the inside, avoiding putting them back in the water which would ruin the dye? Has anyone ever hard-baked eggs? Help a girl out!
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    I don't see why not. Since water boils at 212 or something, just set the oven to 225 and cook them in there for twenty or thirty minutes. Try it with one first.
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    My wifes grandmother had some Portugese recipie for easter bread that had an egg, in the shell, baked in the dough. So, it can be done.
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    May 13, 2008
    OOOOhhhh Good question. what ever you do don't put them in the microwave!!. I think if you put them on a wire rack w/ a cookie under it so they don't roll or make the color run, and heat the oven to maybe 250 degrees for about 30 min that should do it. If the color has not run and the shells are fine you could try a few min more couldn't hurt. that I think would be the safest. Now I cannot say how they will peel with this method but at least no sickness should result.

  5. Xtina

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Awesome, I'm going to give it a shot guys!

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