Help - Egg broke off in chicken


13 Years
May 7, 2009
Hillsborough NC
Aretha is a 2 1/2 yr old Black Sex Link.
Lately I have found a couple of soft eggs under the roost in the morning, but didn't know who laid them and everyone has seemed healthy.
This morning as we were giving snacks, we noticed Aretha had part of an egg sticking out of her butt - she didn't seem to notice and ate normally.
I took her in and soaked her in a warm tub of water and in a little while 1/2 of the egg was floating in the water - no signs of the rest of it. The shell in the water is pretty soft, no yolk.
I massaged her abdomen a bit and have put her in a crate for now to keep her quiet.

Is there anything we can do for her? We really don't want to lose her.

Sounds like you are doing the right thing, I know it sounds gross, but you can use a little oil or vaseline and do an internal search for the egg, see if you can feel it with your finger and scoop it out. You can also keep giving her warm soaks and massaging her abdomen. I hope that she gets better soon!
Guess that's when those gloves come in handy. Noticed she has taken a poop which is a little watery, but not bad. She is also eating & drinking so I'm happy for that. I'll try another soak and then the vaseline.

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