help, egg stinking in incubator and I don't know which one!


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Apr 12, 2014
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Hi, first time hatcher. I probably should't have BUT when I set my eggs I added eggs from my laying hen too. Problem is now I have an egg stinking in my bator and I have no clue which one it is. Nothing is weeping. I am not supposed to candle until tomorrow night (which is day 7) Would it hurt to candle tonight so I can throw out thebad egg????

On another subject, when you candle and weigh do you open the top, getone egg out and close it back? Or do youleave the top off through the entire process. Keep in mind I am new and will be slow.

Also do you pick the egg up and candle it while it is still in the same position (skinny end down) ???

Starting to get anxious I guess :/
I personally would candle a day early to make sure you get the bad egg out. You will be able to tell which egg is a problem when you candle each one. Keep the candling to a short amount of time per egg, and you actually candle the large end, not the small end. Good luck! :) oh, i always close the incubator right back up when i take an egg out to candle. It will take less time for the incubator to heat back up to the right temp afterwards. :)

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