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    Hi, i have 1 hen that has been laying for about 3 weeks now, she allways lays in the same place, but not in the coop, now my other hens i think are starting to lay and i've been finding them in different places. How do i get them to lay in the coop? I put a golf ball in the nest, but it didn't do anygood, and also, my chickens are free range and we live in northern indiana, it gets pretty cold here, do i keep them locked up all winter? What is the coldest temperature they can handle? Thanks for all the help.

    I'm also having problems putting pictures on my page, can somebody help please and thank you.
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    Lock them in the coop unti lthey have laid their eggs for the day. You might have to just leave them in there for a few days until they figure it out. They're creatures of habit, so whatever habit they form you'll have to help maintain or break.
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    I agree with Jenns...lock them in the coop for 2 or 3 days. They will learn....thats where the eggs go. Lock them in a t night, and dont let them out untill late morning...this will help get them laying in the nestboxes.
  4. I find that my pullets are beginning to lay when I arrive in their part of the barn at approximately 8 am. I open the door but they don't free-range, and because the run is roofed it's an extension of the coop section of the barn. Most of the girls stay close to the nests or remain in them while I restock the feeder and waterer, they know that if they need to nest the nest boxes are a hop and a skip. In winter I'll probably leave the main door closed and offer the pop door which they have to access via a ramp.

    Because your girls are free-range they are probably dreaming of certain plants they want to access, away from the coop. I suspect that limited confinement for a little while will improve your egg location situation!

    Oh and my girls are not impressed with the golf balls now that they know what a real egg can be. I've taken them out.

    We have severe winters, it's my first year with them and I've been told they winter well, plus they have platforms and hay bales in the run to keep them above the snow.


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