Help, Emergency help needed!


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
To all who showed, or attended the Ohio National show in Columbus this past weekend, or if you know anyone who did attend, we need your help desperately. We showed three bearded silkie roosters at the fairgrounds this past weekend. Upon arrival on Sunday to bring our boys home, we we're unable to find them anywhere, and we searched all over. We talked to the show committee, and the crew cleaning up the building. They told us that no one had reported seeing any silkie chickens anywhere now that most of the birds were gone. Anyone seeing this post, these are not just chickens, they are an 8 yr. old girl's pets. Any info will be greatly appreciated, we just want the boys back, no questions asked. We have a devastated little girl praying to get her pets back, please help. They are all bearded silkie roosters, a white, a black, and a partridge. I can be reached at the e-mail address below. It is linked to my phone, I'll get the message. Pictures of the birds follow. Please, please, we need your help and prayers.
Thank you, Bob
[email protected]


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