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Mar 4, 2013
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My favorite white Leghorn who is 3 years old has a prolapse with stuck egg this morning. It's horrible! I can't get the egg to move. Her uterus is outside of her body. I tried soaking in warm water but I can't get the egg to budge. I rubbed Preparation H onto as much as I could. I can't get anything to move. She's in pain. I don't know what else to do. There is no vet around that will see a chicken. Can anyone help?
Can you lubricate a finger (with a rubber glove on if you have it) and try to get the egg out and then push the cloaca back inside. I think the longer it is prolapsed the more difficult it would be to get pushed back in. Repeat the bath if no success and make the water very warm, but no hot. This is to relax the muscles.
thank you. I soaked her in a warm bath, still couldn't get the egg to move. I broke the egg, got the pieces of shell out and she immediately laid another soft shell egg. I have rubbed her with Preparation H and she is resting in a towel in my lap. I will give her some more Preparation H in a few minutes and keep her somewhere quiet so she can rest. Scared me to death. And on my birthday, no less. I hope she'll recover and be OK.
So sorry for your trauma!
I didn't see your message above when I posted. So sorry for your loss, Margiechickmom.
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