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Feb 26, 2013
Sioux Falls, SD
I got a pair of silkies from a sale barn in feb. They were happy a healthy but My other silkie rooster and my egg layers picked on them so they started stayin on the goat side of the coop. They can get back and forth but prefer to stay with the goats since the hens can't get over there . I noticed a week or two ago her he'd was always wet and her feathers were all clumped together on her head. I couldn't figure out why then I realized she's sleeping under the goats and getting peed on. I kept putting her back on the chicken side but she always ends uo on the goat side. I checked on them tonight and she has her head pulled back to her body, wimgs are droopy, she hardly walks and her eyes are almost foamy. I plan on bringin her and her mate in and washing her head off (just water?) And putting her in my garahe with a heat lamp and fresh food and water. Probably some scrambled eggs and raw cream that has soured and homemade yogurt. What else should I do for her and will she make it? I did find an egg on her she may have been broody and trying to hatch her egg but the goats were all over everything.
I would bring her in & clean her up... see if you can see anything wrong with her... I would use clear warm water on her eyes.. if its an eye infection I have no advise. Hopefully somebody else will.
Keep her warm & hydrated, if you have some vitamins now may be the time to use them.
I keep my girls in a dog carrier in my living room when they are not well.

Can she stand on her own?
nothing... just hold her if she is dying...

if she is still alive you have to start trying to help her... get her eyes clear get some electrolytes/ vitamins into her...
settle her into a box or crate...
I can't get her to do anyrhing. Shes just laying under the heat lamp with her rooster. He's trying to talk to her. I tried getting her to take some yogurt/raw cream. She couldn't. I have no chick meds....I think shell be dead in the am.
I washed her in warm water. She just flopped over. Couldnt even shake her head off. Cant stand. Cand breathe well. I'm bawling right now. What could have happened?! To make it evwn worse...I found her eggs. She gave us three eggs. So cute andd small. :-(
You can try some honey in water & yougart or some water & suger to fet someting inot her..
give it in a dropper or sriange into her mouth..very gently dont force it. but get it inot her!

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