Help Fast!!


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
one of my chicks has his toes curled under his feet! should i let him be for now? should i fix it? how do i fix it?? should i take him out of the bator?? help please! he keeps chirping and trying to walk but fall!
he just hatched, your probably right. i was just worried because he's the first of 6 where i noticed this problem
Give him some time... If he is having a problem after a few hours, post later.
I have a silkie chick who I thought had "deformed" feet when he hatched. Upon reading how rubbery their little feet and legs are, I ignored it and he was running around on beautifully formed feet the next day:) Had another chick who walked on his hocks the first two days, once again things straightened out:)
Sometimes it takes a day or so for them to really straighten up.But if it is still curled after a day or so you can try making a little chick shoe and taping it flat.I have sucessfully taped a few.You will need some help most likely if you wind up having to tape it.There are several website's with diagrams for taping crooked toe's and hobbling splay legs. Good luck with your new chicks:) DG

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