Help Feet Grey and swollen


8 Years
Apr 3, 2013
Can you help me find out what it is because I don't know some of my bantams have grey swollen feet they walk and look comfortable but it looks abnormal and looks like it has pus in some places thank you!
That is a bad case of scaly leg mites. Once a week soak the feet and legs in warm soapy water and take an old toothbrush, and very gently scrub the scales. Dry, then apply vegetable oil, vaseline, or castor oil to the leggs and massage it in under the scales. This will probably take several months to rid. Treat your other birds if affected, and clean and spray your coop for mites.
Should I also dust for northern fowl mites last year we had a bad outbreak
The different kinds of mites will respond to Permethrin, 5% Sevin dust, and a combo spray called RavpEC which can be used on the chicks and to spray walls, nests, and even the chickens. I have heard from others that one only controls mites since they are so hard to get rid of once there. Since the toe is pretty swollen, I would also check the joints of both legs and feet for any other swelling which could mean something else besides mites.

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