HELP feet rolled under in new hatched quail


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Jul 11, 2008
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I just hatched it out 2 hours ago. Had some problems with it, emergancy hatch!! Its feet are rolled under and it is trying to stand. It's like it won't plant its feet on the ground. It has its balance but feet aren't right. Is there anything i can do? Splints?
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Try the bandaid thing, or you can use that medical tape. Cut a tiny piece of cardboard out of a cereal box or something to put under the foot and then tape it on once you get the toes out flat.

If the little ones legs aren't staying together and splaying outward, you can try the method of taping the legs together - but with a gap inbetween, it makes for very awkward attempts to walk but does help.

You should be able to take all the goodies off in a few days - they heal really fast. Bandaids can be difficult to remove, you'll need to put some oil on before trying to remove it.

Let us know if that works.
OMG, looks like it's gonna work! Poor think just batted it's eyes and stayed still(yes quail, i know) we got the splints on and it stood with feet down, gathering it's balance. I said to the hubby, it has to learn how to walk again. It is napping warm in the bator! Gonna set up a seperate brooder for it until it is better.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! it's soooo cute~
I had a chicken with a bum leg and foot (it was actually the ankle joint that was bent all the wrong way) but I left her in the same brooder with the others. They were all so young they didn't pick on her at all, she sat still for the most part, I made sure to watch that she got some food - and I picked her up and put her near the water often.

They really heal up fast and I was able to take off all the bandaids and tape after two days.

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