Help finding the quick?(trimming cross-beak)

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    I have a cross-beak Easter Egger that is now 12 weeks old. So far, she is normal size, and while she spends longer at the feeder, it appears she eats okay. The top part of the beak was getting long and hooked and in the way, so today I trimmed it slightly.
    Certainly, I don't want to cut into the quick and cause a bunch of bleeding, but how do you know where the quick is? I only took off maybe an eighth of an inch. I could see a white line running through the middle of her beak, and further back it is colored. I was afraid to cut into that white line (thinking maybe that is the quick), even though it runs most of the length of her beak.
    Is the quick visible? Could I take of more than an eighth inch safely? She was so traumatized at even being caught and picked up, that I don't plan to do anything again for a while, but I could really use some guidance for the next trimming!
    I really appreciate any help!

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