HELP!!! First issue with hatching chicks


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I just hatched some EE's, EE/BO, BCM's and CM's. This is the third time I've hatched, and the first time this has happened. I'm posting some pictures, to see what advise I get. I do not know what I should do for this chick. It pipped yesterday early morning (overnight), and was having a real hard time getting out. It was just a nickel sized hole where his head was for the longest time (all day), then last night, overnight, his leg came out, and some time today, he came the rest of the way out. BUT, he's got issues. Not sure if I should keep him separated from the others, or if there's something that I need to do for him. There is shell stuck to him, and looks like he was bleeding (it's dry and crusty now)




Try warm moist towel and clean him up best you can and dry. then see what is going on. that is what I would do.

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Keep him seperate, clean him up, and give him a couple days. He should be fine as long as the others don't pick at him until he heals so keep him seperate until there is no visible redness.

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