Help! First time chicken owner.


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May 2, 2020
New Brunswick, Canada
This is the first time I’ve owned chickens and I’ve become pretty attached. My chicken is very vocal, lethargic, seems to have a swollen bottom but vent appears to be fine. She’s about 6 weeks old and has otherwise been healthy. All other chickens in the coop also seem fine. She’s still eating. Empty crop. Also drinking. She only seems to get up for food and water she also seems to be breathing abnormally fast. I have also noticed her poo as well so doesn’t seem like she’s backed up (no pasty butt or messy bottom). I should also mention that she seems to be much smaller than the rest and in general just hasn’t seemed to thrive as much as the rest who are A1 (all hatched from the same batch). Im worried I might come back in the morning to one less peep in the coop 😢

edited to add: I realized today that she also has a rattle in her breath.
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I have taken her indoors out of the coop and separated from any other birds. I did consider this. If it was gapeworm would she still be eating and drinking as normal?
My hen ate and drank as normal but began to have labored breathing as it progressed. Early on she was very vocal, started coughing frequently, lost weight and as it progresses she would have to stop between big bites and would labor to breath while she ate. I didn’t know what it was and she eventually died from suffocating.

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