Help ! First time incubating eggs!


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
I was given some fertilized eggs and thought i would give hatching a bash! So I bought a Brinsea mini advance incubator and have followed the instructions. Candling the eggs hasnt really been helpful because I dont know what I'm looking for. One of the eggs is completely see-through and the other 6 are solid with a transparent "bubble" at the bottom when i hold them over a lamp... From what I can gather online neither of these are good news??
Tomorrow is day 21 but I have a feeling nothing is going to happen :(
Any advice would be appreciated so I'm not really disappointed... :'(
Thankyou !
If they seem solid inside with just the aircell then it sounds like they're on track to hatch. Unless you mean a transparent part at the top and bottom...that would be a quitter at this point. They should be in lockdown at this point. Did you get your humidity up? Throw the completely clear one out, then don't open the bator again.
Good luck!

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