HELP FIRST TIME WITH CHICKENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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May 25, 2012
I just got my chickens Sayurday 3 of them add 3 more monday and built a chicken coop yesterday( used dog house until yesterday dogs never used it) any ways what is DE and why do they need it, and a dust box. I have no ideal why I got chickens other than was at feed store and decided eggs would be great. Do the nesting boxes need a top on them right now I put sides so all 6 have their own box plus but a 2x4 for them to roost on they slept in next boxes last night. I have gotten 1 egg sunday, tuesday, Wednesday, and Yesterday even with me and my husband building when will the other 5 start laying.
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Guessing same age as other one got them from feed store so I have no clue. Not even sure if I got everything they need.
Ok, take a deep breath. All you really need to have healthy chickens is good food, water and shelter! If they are laying or not laying but adults, you need laying mash or pellets along with oyster shell and some scratch to get you started. If you are planning on having them free range, they need a coop to go into at night. This should be big enough that they can have their nesting boxes and roosting bars. Nesting boxes don't need to be covered. I made mine out of milk crates and they are on the floor. You can elevate them if you want but you don't have to. If they are not going to be free range, you can build an enclosure out of chicken wire, big enough for them to stretch out, scratch around and lay in the sun. If they are going to be outside (either free range or run) they usually will just find a spot in dirt to dust themselves. They will eat scraps such as old food you don't want, but be aware that some foods aren't the best for them, like citrus (so I've heard). Now, just sit back and enjoy your new chickens. They are a hoot to watch and collect eggs! Relax and know that they are just like any living thing, food, water, shelter, and lots of love is all they really need! Good luck and welcome to BYC!!!
Well I sit lwith them every day they eat out of my hand. I got grain scratch, laying feed, and a sack of oyster shells. Change water 2 times a day. they have a pen about 200 sq. foot. with coop in middle 6 nest boxes all of ground about 3 feet with a 2x4 to sit on one 6 inches off ground other about 2 inches in front of next boxes.

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