Help! First time with EVERYTHING having to do with Turkeys.

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    Hi All! I haven't been on BYC forums for a while, but I am back because now I have new questions! :)

    I went to buy a couple ducks from a fellow, and he gave me turkey eggs! He just happened to have the breed I've been eyeballing for a while now. Bourbon Red. He asked me "do you have an incubator? I'll give you some eggs. She just keeps on laying."
    I of course, said YES!
    I bought an incubator last spring from a woman who had used it once. It's a forced air with an egg turner. It's a Farm innovators incubator model number 4200.

    We've had it running for a couple days. The temp and humidity seem to be stable. Temp is 95 and humidity is steady at 55%. I know this is good for chickens... does it need to be different for Turkeys? I know I could go digging to find this out, but I don't have a lot of time right now. (Running out the door in minutes.) I'm planning on setting my eggs later today.

    Can anyone give me any pointers??

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can find all the answers to your questions in the Incubating & Hatching Eggs forum.

    The proper temperature for incubating chicken or turkey eggs in a forced air incubator is 99.5°F. 95°F is low even for chicken eggs. Remember that turkey eggs take 28 days while chicken eggs take 21 days. If you want chicken eggs to hatch the same time as the turkey eggs put the chicken eggs in 7 days after the turkey eggs get set.

    Make sure that you double check your incubator temperature with a reliable thermometer.

    Good luck.

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