Help! Five week old duckling is acting odd


May 30, 2020
We have 5 runner ducks. One of them didn’t make the trip, but the rest have been super energetic; eating, drinking, foraging, and swimming. She has been one of our most energetic and they all love mealworms. We were giving them some the other day and she seemed to have almost choked on one. She won’t go near them unless they are in the water and isn’t as energetic as she was just the other day. She’ll still get in the water but just sits and doesn’t dive and splash like she was. She still forages a little but not near as often. Still drinking water but not really eating. We have tried sugar water and have been giving them electrolytes in their water once a week. We don’t know what to do but don’t want to lose another duck, especially one of our strongest!

Please Help!!

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