HELP! flying predator attack hurt hen need advise and tips!

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  1. we had a hawk or an owl take a hen right off our front pourch this morning around day break. My Dh caught it early before the hen had any visible damage. But I misunderstood him and thought she had been killed so I had him lay her outside next to out coup so I could beary her thisaftenoon. But when I went out to do it she was movign alittle. she got attacked at 7am and I never found that she was alive til 3pm. It is terribly could out, and now I am afarid that she may have been able to make it if I had only known/taken care of her this morning.

    She has no external signs of damage, but her eyes are closed and will not open. Her head moves alittle and her mouth gaps once every few minutes. She holds her head stable, it doesn't flop around or anything when you move her around or roll her over. I have her sitting on my lap wrapped up in a shirt triing to bring her temp up. I gave her some water with a med dropper, not alot just a dropper full over the past hour. Hoping it will help. She seems to be able to move more since when I first brought her inside. Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I killed her by not making sure this morning that she was actually already dead.
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    Yikes - so sad. Quite the communication gap there. Why would anyone listen if someone else said to lay a helpless injured hen outside the coop in very cold temps? It would prompt me to say - "You want me to do what?!" I wish he had questioned you further so you could have learned that the hen was still alive.

    I hope so very much that she will come around and that this has a happy ending. It sounds like you are doing the right thing to try to keep her warm and comfortable. She likely went into shock when the hawk or owl grabbed her and really needed to be kept warm. I hope that somehow she can come around and the damage from the attack did not cause irreparable injury.

    I'm sure others will be along with more specific suggestions. Sending many wishes for some good luck here [​IMG]
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    Sounds to me like she's in shock too.
    Sorry about the communication breakdown...darn...
    Hope she'll be fine...[​IMG]
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    Have you tried to get her to eat or drink a little? I would mix up some vitamin/elect water and encourage her to drink by dipping her beak in it. If she doesn't drink, I would use a dropper to get some in her. Try getting her to eat too. If she has a favorite food treat, try that. Sometimes wetting the chicken food encourages them to eat too. Hope this helps. Let us know how she does.

  5. She is alive yet. I have been feeding her by hand and gving her water with a droper cause she will not do it on her own. She clucked it today as well as pecked our weaner dog in the nose when he really tried to kiss her. lol she can hold her head up and flop her wings as well as hang on to your finger with her toes but she can't seem to stand up and hodl her own weight. I am going to get her some vit. drops tonight and hope they make her alittle stronger.
    I will keep you updated! thanks so much for the tips
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    BJ, bumping this up for you in case other folks have suggestions based on the symptoms in your latest post.......
    With any luck, in time she will get stronger (it could take awhile)....with you helping her ger ample fluids and nutrition in the meantime...And keeping all stressors away (doggie included).
    Does she seem in pain? If so, aspirin in her water for a few days could help (2.5 regular [325 mg] aspirin crushed per 1/2 gallon water)
    Is there any blood? Has she pooped? Condition of poop? How is her breathing? Has she tried to stand and then falls or is she not trying? (hoping she didn;t get irreparable spinal damage and that maybe she just has injury that will heal. maybe she was carried by the hawk and then dropped and hurt a leg? ..)
    Any other observations you can think of....?
    Hoping for a happy ending...[​IMG]
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    A bitrd in shock needs electroytes... hold off on any pain meds. ... keep up the fluids and keep her warm and make sure she goes to bed (dark room quiet) on time. I really would try to keep her in a quiet room to herself and away from family noise and pets as this will not help her recover.

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