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Dec 31, 2015
I just received my first chicks ever yesterday!!! We have never had chickens before.

They were hatched on Monday Morning. A neighbor ordered 25 from Meyers Hatchery (So glad I didn't read the horror stories before they got here!
) But thankfully we they all arrived yesterday afternoon. I ended up with one Easter Egger, one Black Australorp, and one Barred Rock.

My question is, I know they are supposed to stay 90 degrees their first week then 85 and so on but I also want to handle them as much as possible to get them used to me...So how can I handle them and hold them and still keep them as warm as they need to be? I worry about taking them from under the light. I thought about taking a towel and putting it in the dryer to get it warm and wrapping them it in to help keep them warm while I hold them.

Any tips or advice you can offer on this or anything is greatly appreciated!
Welcome to BYC and just holding them should keep them warm enough I have had several batches of chickens that I have raised and they don't get too cold while you are holding them in your hand, as long as you are handling them inside temp won't be a problem.
Chicks don't need to stay at those temps all the time, they just need one part of the brooder where they can go to warm up to that when they need to, just as they would if they were raised by a hen. Hen raised chicks will tuck under her when they need to warm up, otherwise they'd be out and about at whatever temperature it is. So handling them is fine. Also make sure your brooder is large enough so they have room to get away from the heat source when they need to.
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I have a big plastic bin and put the lights on one side so they can move away. I think they like the warm towel. One keeps coming and pecking me.
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