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    Hello, So I am not entirely new to hatching have hatched about 40 chicks but I have a set in lockdown right now that are shipped buff orpington eggs. 10 went into lockdown which was amazing for 13 shipped eggs. The very first egg to pip externally did so over 24 hours ago. I expected an external pip and then nothing for a few hours so I was surprise when it externally pipped and then made a huge hole instantly, little sucker wanted out. Unfortunately it appears to have pipped right through a vein. This was yesterday and at about 4am this morning still no changes but it looked like it was getting cemented in the eggs. My now 3 more have hatched with no issues. I assisted in chipping off some egg shell along where it would normally unzip and none of the veining has been absorbed or dried up. It is still chirping and breathing but no success with getting any further through the membrane. Is there anything more that can be done? The only notations I have on this egg is it was very porous when I candled it before putting into incubator. I had read they don't hatch well.

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