Help for This Lonely Chicken Named Lucky

Charlies Chicks

May 16, 2015
Please help me identify this chicken. A little information about her would be nice too. Here's the story: We are very new to chickens, as in our first ever were spring chicks this year. Everything is going great with our little flock of six. They're named Rose, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, Lucy, and Ethel. Then in mid April my neighbor came home from work to have a very small chicken run up to him and beg to be picked up. Long story short, we are now the proud owners of a 7th, named lucky (because we live in a relatively high traffic area and she made it to us).she seems full grown because of the lack of the fluffy under feathers but she is tiny! Is she going to get bigger? She gets along well with our girls so all is good there. Any help is appreciated. Also, just joined today. Glad to be a part of BYC! I've been reading forums all along to get us started.
Hi, welcome to BYC!!!

It looks like a gold laced Sebright, which I consider you lucky to have. It's beautifu! SOme pics of it standing up would be great

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