Help!! Forgot to make front wall higher for slant roof

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  1. aurorasky

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    Feb 26, 2016
    I was putting a slant roof on my coop, but I have all 4 walls the same height. It's a 4x8 coop and the walls are 4 ft
    high. The top edge to where I would attach the roof are 2x4's skinny side up. Is that enough surface to attach a roof to? Do I need to lay down more 2x4 on top to the fatter side is up? Also I wanted to be able to move this around, so it's on wheels. Whatever roof goes on has to be lightweight, but strong. I would hate to dismantle it to make a side higher. Any options or ideas are much appreciated!
  2. cpulley1

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    Dec 29, 2015
    New to the addiction here, but I would be willing to bet you don't have a county chicken coop inspector who would care if things aren't up to code. Slap 4-6 in of wood on the front edge, make your self some 'rafters' to nail to, and slap a roof on it. I have about a foot over hang on the front of mine and maybe 18 in in the back. The area just u der/between the rafters acts as a vent and will soon be covered in hardware cloth in case a cat gets too curious.

    As far as roofing material, you have a few options. Slap some OSB up top, put a layer of roofing felt, and then either shingles or roll roofing, or you could get some metal roofing. I used roll roofing and had my 4x8 coop roofed in about an hour.

    I would use the wide side of your 2x4s for your rafters. It will make them easier to find when you nail the roof on.

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