Help!! Found chicken and have no idea what I'm doing...

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    Dec 14, 2007
    I posted in the trade topic about her.

    We are going to put up "lost chicken" flyers tomorrow so that we can see if anyone in the immediate area could have lost her.

    What I am wondering is-- we did the right thing by make-shifting a "coop" out of the cat carrier and bringing her in out of the parking lot right? I just want to make sure that I'm not doing something wrong.

    The birdseed we got her was made for "wild songbirds" it had big seeds, corn and some other little seeds in it. She has a shallow food bowl but we were worried that she might peck us or be too frightened to allow us to touch you think she would mind if we pushed the water bowl to her? I'm worried she will get too dehydrated...

    I'll go check on her (she's at the neighbor across-the-hall's place right now) tomorrow and suggest that Jeff (my friend) try to dip her beak in the water. Do you think that she will drink it if its just sitting there in the cage with her? The water bowl is glass and see-through so perhaps she will see the water floating in there?

    I don't want to screw this up and have her die on me...she is a very pretty little bird. Very good-natured too. She let me stroke her back like a cat when we were coaxing her into the cage. I just don't know how she would react to me trying to touch her face...

    I hope I am doing the right thing!!!

    *worry worry*
  2. If you found her wandering, it was a good thing to get her indoors and away from predators. A cat carrier will work just fine in a pinch. You may want to put newspapers covered with paper towels down inside.

    Chickens don't eat regular birdseed. If you have any hulled cracked black sunflower seeds, they like those. Or cook up some oatmeal, let it cool, then feed that. They also like fat free plain yogurt with live cultures, greens, and canned cat food in a pinch (don't feed this every day, as it contains too much salt). Ideally you want chicken food, like a layer mash from a feed store.

    The water bowl should be fine. She may spill it, so best to get a chicken waterer from a feed store. But many folks just put big tubs of water out for their chickens and it works just fine. You may not need to dip her beak into the water. Maybe try splashing it a bit with your finger so she can see, then touch your finger to the side of her beak with some water on it. That's what i would do anyways.

    Don't fret too much. Chickens are fairly hardy birds. Just keep her warm and quiet and you should be fine. Good luck!
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  3. Yes I agree, oatmeal, egg yolk (cooked) also lettuce! but mine eat birdseed too.
    The water container sounds fine as long as it is stabe and deep enough for her to dip her beak into, she will use it after she settles down in her new house.
    Dont worry about trying to stroke her face, they like to be patted on the back of the head down to their backs.
    Good on you for rescuing her and for also seeking help here for her.
    Just a hint here: when people answer your adverts for a found chicken be sure to verify what colour they lost.
    Some people will do anything for a free chicken dinner.
    Who knows if you are allowed to keep her you may catch the chicken bug like us!
    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    The bird seed should hold her for a little while with no ill effects. Many feed Bird Seed as a treat. If you decide to keep her, they you might find a feed store that will sell you chicken pellets or crumble by the pound. Even 25 pounds of feed will last quite a while for a singel chicken. Good luck
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    Does she look chick-like or is she a grown chicken?
  6. Quote:Hi speckledhen, I just saw this same topic in other section here, the hen is a pullet, there is a pic of her.

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