Help!! Found on the side of the road. Is this a baby chicken?


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Apr 4, 2009
We found this little guy on the side of the road. It had no mother in sight.

We just hatched 7 chicks last month, and it looks like a chicken to us.

Any opinions on what this bird is? We put it in an incubator for now. (some photos are grainy because they are taken through the scratched up window)



I was thinking a turkey might make sense. We do have wild turkeys. How would you tell the difference?
Yes that is a turkey chick. Keep wild turkeys in some states are Ilegal so make sure your not keeping this little guy without permisson.
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hmm....yes i think i agree with the above poster....but not positive....let us know how it very interested!

WOW! everyone posted at the same time, so lets revise this, i think i agree with post number 2 lol
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