Help. Found quail laying on its side head upside down and cand stand up!

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  1. ele4

    ele4 New Egg

    Jan 10, 2013
    We came home and noticed our quail laying on its side. It's neck almost appears broken or completely twisted. It can't stand up. It just keeps kicking and trying to get up but can't.

    The quail are about 6 weeks old. We don't know if it flew up and injured itself or some other condition. Although they are in a plastic container with a mesh top so i am thinking that it is unlikely. It was always way smaller than the rest. We've been reading about merecks or wry. Not sure if that is common in coturnix quail or what could be the cause.

    We were able to give it water with a dropper but it is hard for him to eat.

    Not sure what to do or how to help him as we are quail newbies.
  2. Hugelville Farm

    Hugelville Farm New Egg

    Apr 14, 2013
    I have had the same thing happen. My batch last year constantly got this. I just put chicken wire over the side of my brooder where the light is. As they kept hitting the light when they jumped and flew. This is the 1st bird in this batch that got this. I removed the cover and I will let them go a day and see what happens. The other side of brooder is covered by brown paper so its soft.

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