Help! found rabbit in yard. She's having babies now, what to do???

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Oct 24, 2011
We have never had a rabbit before. A few days ago, a rabbit showed up in our yard, so we gave her a cage at night. This morning, she had a baby under her when I went out to feed her. We brought her and the baby in the cage into the house, and have a heat lamp over the baby. What specifics do we need to know to care for them? Thanks!
I would google rabbit care. The mom will feed the baby her milk and keep baby warm. Just make sure you feed rabbit feed and not chicken feed

I don't think a heat lamp is needed if baby is with it's mom.
Rabbits are great mothers, the heat lamp is un needed. You will rarely see rabbits feed there young its only twice a day. I would give mom a nest box if you haven't, hay, fresh water daily, rabbit food and maybe some small treats (just helps her while nursing)

Check on the kits just to make sure she is caring for them, if they look lively and warm they are fine and let her be mom you can just sit back and watch them grow!

Have fun once they get bigger they are so much fun!

Eeeeee! Are they all born yet?
Alright, people! Every time I get on here someone finds a pregnant something-or-other in their yard, under their truck, on the porch, etc. Why doesn't that ever happen to me? I want to find babies!

me to, seems like everyone has animals dropped off at their place or are being given a horse, donkey or something.

I have to go looking for my stuff.
Thanks for the replies! When my wife and I returned from the feed store, with rabbit chow, timothy hay and water bottle, we came in to find a total of 9 babies! When we left a couple hours earlier, there was 1 lol.
She needs to be in a nesting box, you can get them really anywhere. She will puck her hair out for the nesting box, and she will do the rest. Put some hay in the nest box with her.

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