Help get Ticks off Dog?

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  1. I gave Ceila a bath and found that she had 4 ticks on her, 2 on belly, 1 on her chest, and 1 BIG one near her collar on the back of her neck. What is the quickest and safest way to remove TICKS? She is a hunters hound (mix breed hound). All 4 ticks are pretty big but one is REALLY big! I want to get them off ASAP. Hubby is at work so it's only me that can do it.
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    I just use a pair of pliers and pull them off as close as I can get to the head. Then dispose of them, I flush. We have a special pair of pliers just for this task, called "Tick Pullers". LOL Good luck, I know this is not a fun task.
  3. Quote:this is the same thing I used to do. But since we got the guianas. this past summer no dogs had any ticks. Fleas yes, but I use Dawn dishwashing detergent to bath them than spray with adams flea spray. these are both big problems almost anywhere.Also you might put some peroxide on the places you remove the ticks to disinfect that spot. marrie
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    You can get a cotten ball dipped in alcohol or peroxide and wet the head of the tick where it is stuck. should release
    and i put in a cup of clorax and then flush. I feel for you. we had ticks in PA but since we have moved to Colorado
    i have not seen any. DO NOT MISS THEM!
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    Our vet sells a tick remover for about $2. It's the shape of a measuring tablespoon with a notch cut into it. You slip the notch between the skin and the tick and the spoon pulls the whole tick out - head and all - every time (unless it's too buried).
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    Tick remover shampoo works well. You can pull them off with tweezers, but if you don't get the head, it can get burrowed down in and cause an infection. So be sure to disinfect if you go this route. If you light a match and blow it out, you can touch it to the tick and it should let go. Just be very careful not to get the dog. When it lets go, grab it with the tweezers or with a napkin and flush it. This is how mom always got rid of them on my cousins and myself. You get them all the time out in the country. Our chickens are good at keeping the population down though. [​IMG]
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    Slop Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the ticks. It will drown them, and when they're dead you can pull them off. [​IMG] (YES, I've done it.)
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    As a Vet Tech, I can tell you that pulling them straight out (i.e. do not twist) with a needlenose pliers does the job just fine. You can "get them to release" using a match or whatever but it is not necessary. 99% of the time if you pull straight out the head comes out with the body and does NOT stay buried and cause an infection.
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    If you simply put some Frontline or Advantage on her, the ticks will fall off within a few hours. And she won't get more for several weeks. Frontline works better in my opinion, but it depends on the tolerance of the parasites in your area. My dogs never get ticks because we keep them covered with flea stuff all the time.
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    I hate ticks and fleas....I'm going to be putting some sevin spray down at the beginning of april in an attempt to keep both at bay next year. We do the same as everyone else....pull them off. I usually save them for a month or so 'just in case' .....

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