Help! Ginger is ill

amy blanchard

Oct 26, 2020
We are new here but have had hens for 9 years. We have a girl who's almost 1 and she's been very sick. I found her on the ground in the coop unable to stand up. It's been 2 full days now. Our local feed store (the owner is Filipino and gets various drugs from the Philippines) sold us Levomax (antibiotic) so she's getting that in her water which we are giving her by syringe. She's not really eating. She's staying in the house in a bin. Her breathing is labored and she just lays there and can't stand but holds her head up. She has laid eggs the last 2 days in her bin. The feed store guy thinks she has an internal issue. Any ideas? We live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and it's been pretty rainy, hot and humid. Our other 15 chickens are all fine. She is such a great girl and mother to 6 and we love her so much. Any ideas/tips are greatly appreciated.



Aug 18, 2019
Hi, I'm not very experienced so I only offer suggestions and wish you all the best with your gorgeous girl..
Still laying eggs a good sign I would think.. Is she drinking? You can use a dropper and carefully drip a drop on her beak and she should take that in a drop at a time. Also you could wet her feed down to a watery mash and hand feed it to her -use a dropper to feed it into her beak carefully so she doesn't choke on it. Maybe the antibiotic you have may work or you could also try poultry vitamins you add to water or wet feed. Or a little electrolyte water also may help perk her up a bit maybe or a tiny bit of honey (manuka?) in her water.
Wishing you all the best! Maybe someone else can offer advice on here who's more experienced.
Good luck! :hugs

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