HELP!! Gosling cannot walk, very weak, and twisted neck.


7 Years
Mar 3, 2013
Hey guys. Goslings are extremely new to me. I have 4 Buff goslings. They are fed and watered with 20% UNmedicated chick starter. They are 5 days old. I took them outside where it is warm out so they could have some sunshine and eat some grass. They were ALL fine, until one of them bumped into anothe, who promptly fell down, couldn't get back up, and now her neck is twisted to the side and she rolls onto her back if not supported by her siblings. She will not stand up on her own either, and she is very weak. All of this happened within a few minutes. I am stressing out, and very concerned.
Yes, one second. They are all doing it now. I think there was a toxin.

I concur, that or something viral.

Do you know of anything they may have been exposed to? Such as decaying plant matter, decaying animal carcasses, zinc-coated screws or nails, lead-based paint, tobacco, toxic plants, galvanized screws, staples, or pesticides. Teflon also known as polytetrafluoroethylene is often used as a lining on many nonstick pans, irons, ovens, hair dryers, and some heat lamps. The product states that it can reach 500F before any toxic fumes may be released, but too often failures with the product cause the fumes to be released much earlier which will often cause seizures with goslings, and death soon after.
Yes, I have parrots so I am well aware of Teflon. They were all fine until I brought them out. We were out for 20 minutes or so, and then one by one they dropped like flies. I actually have one that didn't have any seizures at all, and one that did. She is better now, can't stand but is laying down and not convulsing. The other two died. I am assuming toxins since it was so sudden.
They were exposed to grass and dandelions, but no decaying matter. We have over an acre of land, and do not use pesticides or fertilizers.
Yes, I could potentially do that. But I don't know if they would be willing because of this Corona virus. I will check, as this is a very good idea.
So we lost two. The other two are fine. I am so so confused. It must have been a toxin, but there is literally nothing I can think of that would be it, other than a pesticide that travelled a ways away from the road. The only thing I could think of was the fact that I put sunscreen on, and picked them up to put them in the crate. Dandelions and grass was all they were exposed to. But interestingly, the one I handled the most was the one that didn't have seizures and die. Rhis was them only minutes before.


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