Help, Guinea hens sneezing.


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Aug 17, 2013
I have four guinea hens, one about 15 weeks old and the other three a few weeks younger. They started sneezing about two days ago and I figured it was because their pen was dirty so I cleaned it and decided Id wait a few days and if they didn't stop, ask you guys about it. They havent stopped. They started sneezing on a really rainy and humid day so could it be because of that? Is there anything I should do or give them or will it just go away?
I house them with three peachicks in similar age but I haven't noticed them sneezing. And I don't see anything except the sneezing wrong with the guineas. Their eyes look clear and they seem to be going about their normal routine.

Is this anything I should be worried about?
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Today, my oldest ones beak seems to kind of looks flakey...? I got a few pictures but none of them are really good ones.


(She's the extreme pied)



I cam try getting a few more closer up pictures if you guys want.

They're still all sneezing and other than my oldest ones beak, I havent noticed anything else.

Does anyone know what I should do or if I should be worried about it..?
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I don't have experience with this, but I'd also like to know how to handle this issue if anyone else out there does.
My peachicks are sneezing now as well. I picked one up and checked for a runny nose or other signs of sickness but I didnt notice anything. They are all running about as usual.

I just thought about this the other day when a guinea was having a dirt bath and it was sneezing a lot during that. their pen is outside and one section of it has most of the grass torn out and is all dirt, could they be sneezing from that or from their food being a dusty as well? I try to empty out their food bowl when i fill it and im also considering putting cedar shavings on the ground in that one section and seeing If that helps any.

Do any of you think this could be the case as well? I heard sneezing and runny noses could be a respiratory disease, which is life threatening. I haven't noticed any runny noses and I really hope that is not what they have.

Do any of you have any other suggestions on what I could do to get them to stop sneezing?
cheack and see if there nose is clearlike th holes in the beacksif not try to clean them mabey they are trying to clean out their noses.

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