Help!!! Hand feeding a 4.5 week old chick? please help me!


10 Years
Jan 23, 2010
Berry Creek, Ca
Long story short I have a chick that was injured and now isn't eating on her own.

I'm having to syringe feed her water and mix chick crumbles with water and make a mash and syringe feed it to her, also offering her cooked egg but she doesn't seem to want it tonight. I'm wondering how often I'm supposed to feed her and how much each time (like how many ml's how many times a day?!) Also she is getting some vitamins cause she isn't eating.

She is 4 1/2 weeks old and is a unknown mutt bantam.

Here's the long version but no one seemed to answer me!!

Please help me!!! We (me and Little Annie Oakly) would both appriciate it!!

If you dont want to read the long version she was attacked by my kitten. has numerous lacerations on her that are healing up nicely, but she just feels crappy and wont eat. She cannot maintain a steady body temp either(i think she actually almost died of hypothermia today, but is now on a heating pad in front of the wood stove!!!) also she cant poop right. I keep having to clean her butt so it wont get blocked
) ey yi yii!!! so much work for one little chicken nugget!!!
I wish I knew what to tell you. I don't know what else you can do that you aren't already doing. Hopefully someone who has an idea will post soon.
I'd say as much as you can get her to eat, sounds like she needs to build back up. Could she have internal injuries from the attack?
It really doesn't seem like she could. But anything is possible! a laceration under her wing and a few on the butt. plus feathers plucked off her already rumpless bum!! She is acting so crappy though! she's always asleep.
I have to wake her up to feed her. but she is awfully talkative all the time. I think I need to feed her more frequently! thanks for helping!!
I'd let her sleep. Maybe if she sleeps her little body will heal. They are so delicate when they're little!! I hope she starts to get better soon!

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