Help! Hatching chick was squished by mom!


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10 Years
Mar 14, 2009
This is my very first time hatching out my own chicks. Today is day 21 and right on time I have 2 out of 10 eggs under my dark brahma hen hatching!

I went to give momma some water while she was sitting on the nest as has become our daily ritual through the whole incubation period...all would have been fine except that my hens adore me and clamor for my attention.
One of my light brahma hens jumped up onto the perch outside the nest box to sit next to me and there was a little tussle between the two of them. My dark brahma hen stepped on one of the hatching chicks and crushed the egg pretty good:(. From what I can tell the chick seems to be fine, but the eggshell is no longer intact.

I remember reading somewhere that hatching their way out is valuable to build their little muscles so they are strong enough to stand and move.

Is this true? Will my chick be okay? Should I remove the crushed shell or let it be and see what happens?

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