HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! head injury HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nov 27, 2008
    :(my 7 week baby got in with older ones and they seriously damaged its head. The pecking pealed the shin from its head. Any thing I can do? She does not seem to be hurting .....but we don't know what to do HELP
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    Separate the young one, (bring it inside if you can), make sure it can stay warm & dry, cover the injury with an antibiotic cream that does NOT NOT NOT contain any anesthetic/pain killer. If he/she does seem to be in significant pain, you can give aspirin in the drinking water, but I don't recall the exact proportions. Hopefully one of the experienced folks will come on & help with that. Don't put the young one out with the older ones (or ANY others, for that matter) until the injury is completely healed. If they see red or an injured area, they'll continue to pick at it. I hope your baby heals well. I had a young RIR pullet get stuck where she could not escape and they tore all the skin off her head. I was sure she'd die. [​IMG] I brought her in and kept her in for about 2 wks. (they are AMAZING healers!). The skin regrew, feathers grew back in, and now except for a linear scar on the back of her head, you'd have to look twice to tell her from any of the others. She's happy & sassy & none the worse for wear. Good luck w/ your baby! [​IMG]
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    Clean it good with Iodine or an antiseptic, take a q tip and TRY to reapproximate the skin back to where it goes, apply a little antibiotic ointment and leave it alone. You will have to seperate her to keep the others from pecking again until it is COMPLETELY healed. She doesn't have to have antibiotics and all that mess if you go ahead a clean it out GOOD.
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    Clean it good with Iodine or

    Just to clarify - if you use iodine, it should be diluted to about the color of weak black tea. Too strong and it will damage the healthy cells that are left.​

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