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    I have be putting my goslings in a pen in the middle of the yard durning the day for a couple of wks. It is not hot out yet and they are in the shade, with food, water, and grass to eat. I put the in the gargage at night for save keepings.

    This morning about 1/2hr ago, I put all 4 of them outside in the pen, and now one of the oldest ones is just laying there shaking. Not moving!!! I picked it up and it seemed warm so I put in the the bowl with the water to maybe cool it down. It is not panting or anything I just thought maybe it would help it...I eye dropped a couple sips of SAV-A-CHICK down her, but she is just still laying there and now she is shaking, not holding her head up, or standing...

    WHAT CAN I DO????? [​IMG]
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    Oh no! I do not have any idea what is wrong. Hope someone else responds!
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    Erin it could be anything from bad food to a bad plant. Some are more susceptible to reactions to toxic plants than others. I would move the entire pens location to be safe though.

    Remove the gosling from the yard to the house where you can control the environment. Fresh water with nutridrench, new feed calm and quiet.

    If its an open top pen could a predator made a move and not been successful?
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    May 8, 2008
    South Central IL

    No open pen it is a big rabbit cage for easy mobility. It is in the house just laying here...occasionally lifting its head... [​IMG] It is a grey..I'm not a happy camper. They are just in the yard with clover and reg. grass that can be reached through the bottom of the fence I move it all day... I hope it pulls through

    Thanks for the help!

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