Help Help [email protected]!!!!!! DAY 20 BROKEN EGG!!


11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Long Island, NY
i have a broody hen on eggs outside its day 20. and the one egg that deff has a baby in it was kick out and laying in the dirt.... i think the ducks got up there.... anyway the egg is chipped out where the air sack it .... saw the baby moving a bit.... the membrane didnt brake so i threw the egg back under broody mama..... anything i can do?!
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Got my fingers cross for you!
ok its been about 3 hours now.... and i still see the baby inside alive... membrane hasnt broken so im guessing its ok. then once it breaks the membrane it can breath oxygen right away.... idk what else to do!
You're doing fine. But stop looking at the egg! The hen should be in lockdown mode, don't move her now. Every time you move her for a look she is losing humidity and temp.

Good luck, I think it'll be fine.
I agree. The main concern is having that membrane dry out and making it more difficult for the chick to get out. Let's hope the hen can help keep it moist against her warm bare skin. And I'd suggest providing a more secure place for your hens to brood, one where no nosy hens or ducks or whatever can get in and interrupt.

I pray for this chick's success!
thank you!!! actually luckily! it has been misting all day! so the humidity is HIGH! and she isnt bare under neath shes full of feathers still lol and i will try not to peak until tomorrow
i didnt break the membrane and im happy with the decision thank you everyone PRAY FOR HER!!!!

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